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Where Can I Get An HGV Medical?

Where Can I Get An HGV Medical?

Fancy a new career in Heavy Goods Vehicle and long haul driving? It’s a rewarding career that pays well – but are you up to the task?

When you want to apply for an HGV license in the UK, it’s not as simple as showing up for the driving test. Before you ever even apply to take the test, you need to apply for your provisional and, depending on your age, that may be more complex than you might think.

What is an HGV Medical and Why Do I Need One?

The UK government put firm rules on long haul drivers to ensure they are as safe as possible. HGVs are capable of doing tremendous damage in road traffic accidents. The DVLA want to limit the chances of accidents as much as they can. To do this, they only allow firms to let drivers drive for 4.5 hours at a time. On top of this, there are medical assessments for drivers over 45 years old to make sure they are healthy enough to get behind the wheel. You can read more about the limitations on drivers and how those rules protect them from harm courtesy of the Health and Safety Executive.

An HGV medical is an appointment with a professional who can help you fill in your medical assessment form for the DVLA. This is called form D4. When you come to your appointment you will need a list of medications and their start dates, and the assessor will take care of the rest. You can take an individual test or your employer can book one for you. Either way, you will need to pass it before you can apply for your provisional license at 45+, or to keep working as an HGV driver beyond 45.

What are the UK Rules for Medical Assessments to get HGV/LGV Licenses?

Your medical assessment is a necessary part of your application for your HGV license once you reach a certain age. In fact, if you are over 45, you need to get the medical before you can apply for your provisional license. After you turn 45, you need to update the medical assessment with the DVLA every five years. Again, when you reach 65 and if you are still working, you need to prove your medical fitness to work on an annual basis. That’s a lot of medical assessments over the course of a long career.

Where Can I Book My HGV Medical Assessment Appointment?

You can book your own HGV medical right here with Drive2Medicals. We facilitate easy to access clinics where our doctors are fully qualified in helping you pass your assessment. We have years of experience in running a Colchester based clinic that caters to clients from Chelmsford, Ipswich, Cambridge, and throughout the south east of England.

The medical form requires an eye assessment, which we will carry out at no extra cost. We check your heart, list your medications, and perform a psychiatric review. We record all of these details on your form so you can send away for your provisional or pass the test and return to work.

Book an appointment with us now or email with further questions.

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