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How long does a D4 medical last?

How long does a D4 medical last?

In the UK, drivers of Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs) and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are required to undergo regular vision and medical assessments to ensure their fitness to drive. These assessments are conducted by qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors, opticians, and optometrists. The D4 medical report is a crucial component of these assessments and is necessary for obtaining and renewing a Group 2 bus or lorry license.
Once you have completed a D4 vision and medical assessment, the report is valid for a period of four months. It is important to submit the filled-in, signed, and dated D4 report, along with your license and application, to the DVLA within this timeframe. Accurate and timely submission of the paperwork is essential to avoid any potential delays that might require you to undergo the D4 assessment again.

What happens if my HGV medical runs out?

If your HGV medical runs out or you fail to meet the medical requirements, you are no longer legally permitted to drive a medically restricted vehicle. The validity period of the D4 medical depends on factors such as age and health. Until your first renewal at 45 years old, the D4 medical remains valid. After the age of 45, HGV medicals must be renewed every five years, and once you reach 65, they need to be renewed annually. Certain medical conditions may require more frequent renewals, and the DVLA will inform you if your condition falls into this category. It is your legal obligation to inform the DVLA if you develop a condition that could potentially affect your ability to drive safely.

Do I need a medical to renew my HGV licence?

When it comes to renewing your HGV license, if you are below the age of 45, you do not need to include a D4 medical report. However, if you are 45 or older, you will need to provide a D4 report every five years, and once you turn 65, it will be required annually. It’s crucial to notify the DVLA if you develop a new medical condition that could impact your driving ability, as this might result in the requirement for an additional D4 assessment.

How often do you need LGV medical?

Regarding LGV medicals, the process aligns with HGV medicals since both categories fall under Group 2 medically restricted vehicles. After undergoing your initial LGV medical assessment, the report remains valid until you reach 45 years old. Subsequently, it must be renewed every five years, and once you turn 65, annual renewals are necessary to ensure ongoing fitness to drive LGVs.

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