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What happens at a medical? (To skip the waffle, watch our explainer video instead!)

Step 1

On your arrival our specially trained doctor will ask for your photo ID before proceeding with taking a detailed medical history. An eye test will be carried out with our specialist eye charts and blood pressure reading. Studies have shown that excitement, nerves or a full bladder can sometimes increase blood pressure, our doctors are trained to recognise this and offer 3 readings 5 minutes apart to give you the best results!

Step 2

Our doctors will advice you if anything further is required for the completion of your medical. We have exclusive partnerships with local opticians familiar with DVLA driver medicals so we can refer you to the best eye care should this be needed for the completion of your medical (i.e. if you need glasses)

Step 3

Our doctors will note all the medication you take, so please ensure you have a list of your medication with you, with doses and start dates. Finally bring any hospital letters or specialist consultant letters if you are under specialist care.

Step 4


You now have your completed D4 form ready to send to the DVLA.

Our all-inclusive medicals are only £50.99 this includes your eye test, BOOK NOW!

No, not all GP’s can, or will provide this service. However, those that do will understandably charge up to 4 times more as they have other essential services to provide first. As a result, waiting times will be substantially longer and will delay you with getting on with your career. Lets face it time is money!

A medical can take around 15 minutes, although this could be longer depending on your health conditions, please allow us to take 30 minutes of your time to ensure you get the best service.

Photo ID (preferably your driving license), the drivers medical form for e.g. D4/Taxi form, your driving glasses, optical prescription, GP records (if you have this), hospital or specialist consultant letters if under specialist care and a list of any medications you may be on with start dates and doses.

The D4 medical is valid for 4 months from the date of completion.